Thursday, 17 July 2014


There are many secrets of the successful event management planning, but I decided to highlight few based on my experience @TEDx Bratislava 2014 :

1) Understanding the Mission of the Event

People involved in TED talks believe that big ideas have the power to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the whole world through the sufficient brain content (also called knowledge) as well as open-mindedness that bring together community leaders to engage ideas worth not just only spreading but DOING!

Find detailed info about the event and all speakers

2) Selecting an Appropriate Venue

TEDx Bratislava 2014 took place on the 5th July in the luxurious Slovak National Theatre (new building) designed by architects Martin Kusy Paňák Paul and Peter Bauer, who won the architectural design competition in fifty three projects. The building has seven floors, over two thousand rooms and three main halls (Hall of Opera and Ballet, Drama Hall, Studio) as well as a restaurant for more than 130 people. 

3) Managing the Flow of the Event

The event ran smoothly thanks to 3 important parties: 

1) Main Organizers

Photo by Tomas Pospichal

2) Volunteers

and 3) Speakers
Photo by Tomas Pospichal 

And there is nothing better than team of professionals with the positive attitude and passion for what they do! :)

4) Creating 'Moment' and Designing the Message to be Taken from the Event

Emotions, Fun, Punctuality, Management, Differentiation, 
Planning for Repeatability and Expandability are the KEY!


MASSIVE MASSIVE THANKS TO TEDx Bratislava 2014 for organizing such a brilliant event and all participants, speakers and attendees for making the 5th year of TEDx Bratislava unforgettable and AWESOME!

                                                      Written by Jana Vytykacova (responsible for registration at the event)

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